• HBD Scar Erase Kit

Directly for use on dark spots left behind by razor bumps, ingrown hairs and shaving scars. It's a fact, dark shadows and spots occur. Whether from long hours, acne scars or shaving scars, brighten those dark spots and scars with this advanced cream. Features a triple complex of natural brightening agents, including Licorice, Aloe Vera, Kukui Nut and Castor. Goes deep down below the surface to brighten surface scars and create a more even tone complexion. Uses plant sources of advanced herbals for hyperpigmentation correction. All natural.  Perfects the skin mantle and reduces breakouts and blotchiness. Non comedogenic and filled with natural botanicals.

What You'll Get: 

HBD Scar Erase Shaving Kit Includes:

(60 ml /2 oz) HBD Scar Erase Cream (Apply immediately after shaving to any bumps, cuts, scrapes, dark spots or marks)

(60 ml /2 oz) Overnight Bump Recovery Gel (Apply directly to skin marks before bedtime. As you sleep the gel will absorb into skin and help blend skin discoloration and speed recover time.

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HBD Scar Erase Kit

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